Monday, April 6, 2009


Detroit and comic books have a lot in common: both have given culture some of its greatest icons; both are often maligned and misunderstood by people not familiar with them; both enjoyed creative and economic peaks, only to see their fortunes slip into decline; and, unfortunately, both have a core of fans whose attitude is, "If you aren't one of us, stay out!"

For decades, comic books have been considered a cultural wasteland. So has Detroit. These ideas couldn't be further from the truth.

Detroit gave the world Motown, Joe Louis, Sam Raimi, and, oh, a little thing you might have heard of called the car. Comic books gave us Superman, Spider-Man, Maus, and offered young kids the idea that inside every nerdy high school student or mild-mannered reporter was someone who, under the right circumstances, could be a true hero.

(Oh, and at least for now, Hollwood is all about mining both.)

With this in mind, Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present Comics Devastation!

This isn't just a blog about comics (although mostly it is). It isn't"Members Only." You don't have to be "in the club" to "get it." Like comic books, like Detroit, this blog is for everyone, if they're only willing to give it a chance. It'll talk about the good, and the bad, of both Detroit and comic books - because both have given a lot to the world already, and both still have plenty to offer.

Fist image courtesy The Aquitaine.

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  1. Excellently worded... Looking forward to reading.